People can be referred through: 

  • Self-referral
  • Your social care officer
  • Your GP
  • Or any other health care professional

Reflections can support most people living with dementia from early diagnosis through to the later stages.
We would also like to add that it is important that people with dementia be encouraged to attend centres like Reflections as early as possible from the point of diagnosis and not to wait for a crisis. This is for several reasons:

  • The therapy that Reflections provides helps people live well with their dementia for longer
  • Being part of a family unit, engaging in meaningful activities, feeling valued and wanted all helps delay deterioration
  • Trained staff are able to detect sudden deliriums which could be caused by urine infections etc.
  • People with dementia and their carers can find carer attachment/ separation quite a problem but by attending our centre this can be alleviated which of course is of great benefit to everyone involved with the care.